The Nose Knows: Scent Games For Your Dog – Drop in Class

Drop in The Nose Knows: Scent Games For Your Dog Drop in Class: They are fun, engage your dog’s mind, provide exercise, and create training opportunities. Preparing for Competition or Just for Fun

Description: Have you noticed that dogs live by their nose?  A dog’s sense of smell is more powerful than we can possibly imagine.  They can easily detect the presence of one drop of blood in a 55-gallon drum of water.  All this talent needs a positive outlet.  So instead of nagging at your dog to stop sniffing, here’s a chance to learn how to have fun letting your dog be led around by his nose!! Scent work is easy for the dog.  Training your dog to play scent games means figuring out how to “tell” your dog which odor gets rewarded.  This seminar will introduce you to a number of great nose games and show you how to teach your dog the rules.  We’ll use operant conditioning techniques to “mark” the right odor and then reinforce it with food or play.

Everyone will find themselves in awe of what their dog can learn to do with his nose and both you and your dog will have lots of fun learning these scent games!

COST   $100 4 classes or $25 Drop in fee  this is a 45-minute class

Starts October 29th


Call 603-735-5543 (to register) Dee@deesdogs.com

Payment of $100 for 4 week classes – cash or check to:

Dee Ganley, P.O. Box 19, East Andover, NH 03231

CONTACT DEE FOR DATES                                                                 ( If snowing we will cancel classes so check with DEE)