Polite with People

3 weeks – $110 

Have a jumper who thinks every person he meets is there for him? Or have a dog who doesn’t do well when people approach him? Or have a dog that needs to learn people aren’t that scary? This is a great class for you.

In this class we focus on some of the harder parts of human greetings, as well as help some more nervous dogs learn people aren’t always going to try to touch them and the over enthusiastic pups learn not every time people say hello is a party.

Each class will have a group of volunteer humans to help, from men to women, and we will meet in 3 different places each week. The first week is at NMBDT.

Dogs with a bite history need prior authorization to enter this class. Most dogs should have completed a level 1, or puppy class to come to this class, or have completed some private work with Helen!