Reactive Rover

4 weeks – Cost is $220 and includes all handouts

Have a dog that is reactive when he sees other dogs, people, etc out on leash? Want to be able to see other dogs/people on walks and not have your dog embarrass you? This class is a great choice for you. In this class you will learn the ways to work your dog through the reactivity as well as slowly introduce working around other dogs or triggers in a way that allows your dog to be successful.

In the past this class had dogs, but this new 4 week class is HUMANS ONLY. This allows for in depth information sharing, and a less stressful environment for dogs and people. Power point presentations each week including videos, handouts and homework will make sure you and your dog are getting the help you need. Each week will be question and answer session and you can even share videos of progress or problem areas for the instructor (Helen) to view, or the entire class.

The goal at the end of this class is that you and your dog are ready to join one of NMBDT other classes to help continue exposure in a stress free and safe environment or to just be able to go on walks! Should you need additional help before that, doing private sessions is always an option.

This class is for LEASH reactive dogs. If you have a dog that is reactive or aggressive when people come to the house this class may help but private training should be done also!