Dogs & Babies

Family Paws Parent Education

No Monkey Business Dog Training offers private in home consultations, classes and workshops to help you with any dog behavior problem you may be having with your dog, but Helen is also well educated and experienced in helping families with dogs and babies live under the same roof together in harmony and safety.

Dog and baby information and safety is something that Helen Nicholls of No Monkey Business Dog Training is passionate and enthusiastic about. As a mother and dog owner, many of the experiences and emotions new families face are those that Helen has experienced also, and guiding families through these wonderful but sometimes stressful times is something she enjoys thoroughly.

As a member of the Family Paws Parent Education Programs, Helen is a Licensed Dogs and Storks Presenter and a Licensed Dogs and Toddler Presenter. These programs help families prepare for living with dog and baby under one roof and then support them as their baby grows from a beautiful newborn into a rambunctious toddler.

Dogs & Storks

Dogs & Storks™ provides expecting families with practical education and support during pregnancy to increase safety and decrease concerns many new parents and families may have about the family dog. This program is available in workshops or in private consultations.

Helen Nicholls, CPDT-KA, CDBC is a licensed Dogs & Storks presenter. Licensed Dogs & Storks presenters help to address the concerns of expectant parents, decrease the stress associated with baby’s arrival, and ensure the safety of all family members. Because presenters are not only educators, but also qualified professional dog trainers and behavior modification experts, they can design and implement management and training plans tailored to each family should the need for more in-depth intervention arise.

The semi-private 2-hour workshop is bursting with tips and information that gets families started immediately in preparing for life with a dog and baby under one roof. Families will explore the subtle language of dogs, ways to include their dog before and after baby arrives and so much more!

Private in home consultations are also available for a much more “hands on” detailed evaluation. Visit our private consultations page for more information.

Please contact us for upcoming dates of the workshop, or visit our workshops and events page! If you have a group interested in this program please contact us for a booking. We can do baby showers or multiple couple parties, and you have another idea, we would like to hear about it.

Dogs & Toddlers

Many families with dogs now know to look for resources as they prepare for baby… but what about after? That is when the challenge, frustrations and fun really begins. The actual introductory phase usually goes rather smoothly and may lead families to assume that means “happily ever after.”  That may be the case but more often it is common to see discomfort in family dogs once the little one gets moving. That is where the Dogs and Toddlers (or D.A.T.) comes in. Our emphasis is on a positive, practical and preventive approach that all families can put into action in their homes.

Helen Nicholls, CPDT-KA, CDBC is a licensed presenter of Dogs and Toddlers, also known as D.A.T. All presenters must go through training about the concepts in the program and ALL have a solid background in dog behavior as well as other areas.

The goal of Dogs and Toddlers™ is to set dogs up for success as the family grows.

Here are some highlights of our program:

  • Dogs and Toddlers™ emphasizes the importance of including family dogs in a safe and comfortable manner for all.
  • We discuss specific ways to include family dogs in daily baby routines from the start!
  • We emphasis the need for realistic expectations of both baby and dog.
  • We educate about different types of supervision and offer solutions for safety
  • Our program addresses the changing family dynamics and how that may impact the family dog.

Workshops and private consultations in your home are available for this fantastic program! See our workshops page for upcoming dates or contact us to schedule a private consultation.