Testimonial - Belle

puppy love

Our puppy Belle was a lucky girl and attended 3 classes with Helen; puppy kindergarten, advanced puppy and level 2. Belle was initially very timid and would hide under our chairs and be frightened by the other puppies. She very quickly came out of her shell and then began engaging in some not so nice puppy behavior 😉 including not wanting to come in the house and some biting with her sharp puppy teeth. Helen’s advice worked every time. She helped us learn simple techniques to help Belle succeed. Such as having her drag the leash outside so we could actually get her in the house, and stepping on the leash in public so she doesn’t leap up on everyone walking by. Belle’s big issue at level 2 was laying down on the ground whenever she had felt she had enough and was not going to move. Helen said don’t give in to her because she’s a little manipulator and yes she is!  She even laid down at Gibson’s bookstore during training and wouldn’t move and although all the customers thought she was adorable and silly, it really isn’t silly when it’s your dog!! Thank you Helen for all your help teaching us how to help Belle have better manners!