Testimonial - Benny


“My vet referred me to Helen after I expressed concern that my new dog, Benny, whom I had adopted three months earlier, had been growling frequently at my three year old son. I am a new dog owner and didn’t appreciate how serious a situation this was. Thankfully, Helen responded immediately to my call and helped me to understand that, in fact, growling wasn’t at all acceptable and if I didn’t do something, growling could easily escalate to biting, and biting could be very serious indeed.  We met less than a week later.  After only three weeks, I have already seen remarkable improvement in both Benny and me. Benny is becoming the sweet, stable dog that I know he can be.  He no longer growls at my son, even when provoked.  He is even learning to like his crate, after having been quite fearful of it. And, more importantly, I am becoming the confident, self-assured leader that he (and my son) need.  I’m so impressed by Helen’s breadth of knowledge, which she imparts with passion and enthusiasm.  I am especially impressed by her uncanny ability to read dogs.  She is amazing and I am so grateful for her help!”
– Anne, Gabriel and Benny