Testimonial - Bernie


A year ago we adopted Bernie, a mixed Terrier one-year-old rescue dog. He came from South Carolina, and we have no idea of his history. Bernie was very timid when we got him, but with a sweet and gentle heart. He has done well getting used to people, is loving and smart, and we adore him.
The problem came when we realized that Bernie was terrified of other dogs. He would have a panic attack and be out of control, spinning around and barking whenever he saw another dog.
We brought Bernie to see Helen. After appraising his demeanor in a private session with her amazing Collie Paddington, she told us that Bernie is not aggressive but afraid.
We started with a private session with Helen and Paddington, then entered Level 1 class. Bernie was the “bubble dog” in class – kept behind a little fence covered with sheets. He loved learning the lessons but our main objective was to alleviate his fear. Gradually, the sheets were moved to expose him little by little to other dogs. There were 3-4 trainers in the room making sure that all went well.
Since that first class we have taken Level 2 twice. The first time he was still the little bubble dog behind the curtain, and the second time, Bernie was in the middle of the room surrounded by other dogs. His progress has been incredible, though he is still a work in progress.
Bernie recently had another private session with Paddington and was running with him and even sniffed his butt (sounds funny, but a big step in his progress!).
We are now taking Tricks class. Bernie is in a room with other dogs learning cool tricks! He practically runs to get into class. He still has his moments, but they are fewer and less intense. As Helen tells us, “It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon.”
We can’t say enough about Helen and the way she cares about the dogs and their humans. Her approach is positive, and she makes it fun. We don’t know what we would have done without Helen and highly recommend her and No Monkey Business Dog Training.
– John, Jean & Bernie