Testimonial - Harry


“Thank goodness for Helen. Harry graduated from Level 1 and is heading for Level 2!!  The improvement is remarkable. Harry, being a French bulldog, can be a little stubborn.  The presentation of strategies, and techniques was clearly explained and demonstrated by Helen. I really appreciated her ability to modify a technique according to Harry’s needs. Harry was so timid his first class but now runs into the class as if he owns the place. He shows so much more confidence. He really had a terrific time in class and so did I! It was fun. I have become much more confident in my own ability to train Harry. Helen was there to support and guide me in my approach in training Harry because honestly, it looks so simple but it can be difficult. With her simple instructions, it made all the difference in how I handled Harry and got him to do what I wanted him to do. I was surprised how much Harry really could do. In learning these new approaches, I have to say that I have a much better relationship with Harry. I am not at a loss as to what to do or the need to question myself if I am doing something wrong. I have effective tools that have made for a much more positive interaction with Harry.”

– Betty