Testimonial - Bo


“Our family is raising our pup, Bo, to be a diabetic alert dog (D.A.D) for our 10-year-old son. Our D.A.D. trainer is focused on helping us train Bo to detect and alert on our son’s low and high blood sugars but that’s just one component of his service dog training. The other component, which is equally important, is his obedience and public access training. That’s where Helen is helping us. We meet with her for an hour each week to work on the skills Bo will need to carry out his job in public.

As our pup’s primary trainer, Helen is training me how to train Bo. My experience with her has exceeded all of my expectations. During a recent session with her, I learned the mechanics of how to train Bo to walk with me on a loose leash. Given her experience and skill, Helen’s demonstrations are incredibly graceful and fluid. It takes choreography to get the correct body posture, hand positioning, and marker and reward timing. It wasn’t easy for me. What was really nice however, is how Helen uses positive praise with her humans too! It’s helpful to hear when I’ve gotten it right!”

– Jen and Austin