Testimonial - Chevy

“Back in May 2011, Helen came to our home for an evaluation of our recent rescue Chevy. Helen’s profound knowledge of animals helped us realize that Chevy’s history and behavior problems were the wrong fit for our home and our busy home daycare. After careful consideration and exploring all our options, we decided he was unable to stay. Helen showed our family exceptional care and concern during such a hard time for us. Helen is probably the busiest woman I know, but she made it feel like we were her only clients.Through Helen’s guidance and support we now have a wonderful addition to the family. Koda is about 10 months old. My prior experience made me realize how important proper training is. We entered Helen’s level 1 obedience class, I learned so much from this class. Koda has since graduated, and I was able to take her to my sons soccer game, I felt confident that Koda would be able to handle being there. Helen also held a private dog safety class with my daycare to help the kids stay safe around my dogs andother strange dogs they may encounter. The children loved it, and are now using the tips she gave them to inform other people. When someone enters the house my 3 yr old tells them what his dog trainer said not to do, and informs them the correct thing to do.There are no words to describe what Helen has done for our family, and my daycare. I can’t wait for more training with Koda, there is nothing more rewarding then having a well behaved dog and being safe with her as well. Helen, thank you so much for your love and support.”
–┬áChevy and Family