Testimonial - Chloe


About a year ago, after following Helen on Facebook, I decided to sign up my Maltese Chloe for private classes. Chloe had been in many classes at other training facilities and was very good at basic commands and tricks but due to a not so strong foundation and socialization when she was a 8-12wk puppy, she became a fearful dog. She would bark at any human and dog that crossed our way on the trails and many times when we were at stores. The behavior increased with time and got to a point that my relationship with her was compromised, in other words, we had no connection after so much yelling. After a few classes with Helen and training at home, I could see Chloe was getting better,she was reconnecting back to me but the barking persisted and whenever she was in that frenzy, it was impossible for me to train her. I just couldn’t take anymore. One day, after an almost breakdown at Helen’s office and at Helen’s suggestion, we decided to try to combine the behavior modification plan with working with the vet on some medication and also some supplements Helen recommended. That was IT!! Chloe finally was at a stage that could be trainable. The combination recommended by Helen calmed her down and I was able to control her when she started the barking attacks. Slowly we got back the bond that we had before and I was amazed with her progress on the following weeks and months. It’s being a long road, but today, I can bring my dog to many stores, run on the trails and go to all public spaces without being ashamed of my dog making a scene. I don’t have to worry when kids come closer to pet her and my husband and I can enjoy our weekends taking the dogs to the beach knowing that Chloe will enjoy the day without having a nervous/barking attack. Chloe became calmer and closer to me and I can’t thank you enough “No Monkey Business” and Helen for all the training, encouragement and guidance in this process.