Testimonial - Delilah


“Delilah, my German Shepherd and I came to No Monkey Business when Delilah was 6 months old. We started level one with a very reactive shepherd who needed to be behind a screen for the first 7 weeks of class. However, by the start of the next session, Delilah was able to be “part of the group”, with no screen at all. Now in level 2 we are able to move among other dogs and learn new skills with ver…y little reactivity. In my humble, honest opinion, this wouldn’t have been possible with out the gentle, non stressful approach to her training. We can even go to the vets calmly now and everyone comments what a change they see. Through positive reinforcement based training and Helen’s fun approach to learning, Delilah is learning to be a good canine citizen. In fact, we hope to test for her CGC soon. Please, if you have a larger breed dog, do not assume it means you need any other method of training other than a gentle, positive reinforcement, happy style of training for them. Any dog, I believe, will thrive with this style of training. Thank you Helen, for all that you do for dogs of all sizes and breeds and their humans. I know Delilah and I appreciate it. ”

– Elizabeth and Delilah