Testimonial - Echo Love Arabella


“This is Echo Love Arabella, our little ballerina.  She can run like a gazelle, dance high on her toes, dig holes big enough to hide in, and steal your second sock before you’ve even pulled on your first.  She has a wonderful sense of humor, a joyful personality, and a brilliant little mind that plans and plots ways to torment the cats (who are bigger than she is) and occasionally loses a wrestling or boxing match with one of them—but she’s a good loser and always snuggles up to the winner for a hug.  She loves to show off her bag of tricks, and will run through 5 or 6 really cool activities on command to get the treat and praise that’s always waiting.  Now 7 months, she’s well trained, well socialized, well adjusted, and absolutely adored, and we owe this to Helen’s instruction and guidance.
When we brought Echo home, we hadn’t had a puppy in our life for over 16 years.  Though we brushed up on care and training, we were struggling.  She had some behaviors we had never dealt with, and had no idea how to handle.  I was to have a three month old infant in my care starting when Echo was six months old, so it was crucial for Echo to have confidence, self control, be well bonded with us, and have a 100% success rate following commands.  Within minutes of meeting with us and Echo, Helen determined the issues and gave us the tools we needed that enabled us to have a loving, satisfying, successful puppy experience.  It was amazing to us how quickly Helen was able to spot problem areas in our training program and correct us.  Before she left our home that evening we were already enjoying a great deal of success — within a couple of hours.  She kept in touch with us over the next several weeks to ensure our success continued, and gave us the confidence boost we needed.  We have a wonderful companion, protector, and friend in Echo, and so does baby Emma, thanks to Helen’s program!”
– Echo, Cynthia, and Jon