Testimonial - Frasier


“We first consulted with Helen of No Monkey Business in July of 2011 after returning from a vacation from hell for our Boxer. Frasier is timid and nervous when outside of his comfort zone. He had had a bad experience with a boarding/daycare facility, which only intensified his condition. With Helen’s assistance we were able to work with Frasier to minimize his reactions. She did this through teaching us ways to help him avoid stressful situations, keeping him in his comfort zone and by teaching us ways to help him work though some of his fears. Frasier will never have a carefree attitude but by reducing his stress, we have made him much happier and he enjoyed more of his latest vacation to Myrtle Beach.

Then along comes Zimmer, a happy-go-lucky Boxer pup. Temperament, she is the exact opposite of Frasier. She is very friendly and outgoing; however, she is a bit of a wild child with a strong will. She was promptly enrolled into Puppy Kindergarten, then Level 1 and Level 2. She has passed her Puppy CGC and now, we are considering moving her towards becoming a therapy dog. Helen gave us the right set of tools to help her become the dog we knew she was. She still has some maturing to do (she is 14 months old) but she has come along way in one year. Helen is always available by phone or e-mail to provide assistance, give encouragement or act as a sounding board. I have recommended Helen and No Monkey Business and will continue to do so.”
– Julie, Frasier & Zimmer