Testimonial - Ginger


“Ginger spent the first 7years of her life as a show dog then a mother dog. I adopted her from a breeder when she was too old to have any more puppies.  She had been well cared for, but when she came to live with me, she was very timid.  At White Park one afternoon, the clasp on Ginger’s leash broke. For a few minutes, she was having a grand time running about and exploring and was too distracted to come when called. Others noticed that she had become loose and tried to help. However, with all the commotion, Ginger became frightened.  Although little, she is very fast and she disappeared in the vicinity of Blossom Hill Cemetery. After three days, and with the help of the wonderful women at Granite State Dog Recovery, we were able to find her and bring her home. Naturally, I was fearful of something like this happening again. Fortunately, Helen came to the rescue.  With her help, Ginger was trained to come to a whistle.  I’ve “tested” her at the dog park and she comes running to me at top speed when she hears it. She’ll even respond when someone other than me whistles.  Though her leash now has a heavy clasp I am grateful to Helen for giving me peace of mind if she ever gets loose again.”

-Mary and Ginger