Testimonial - Harbor


Sharing a story of hope for those of you who have a dog who is wild, jumps, mouths, food guards, counter surfs or even bites.
We have two Newfoundlands. We have had Finn since eight weeks, and he is a peaceful, sweet boy.
When Finn was one-year-old his sister from the same litter was returned to the breeder. She was wild and malnourished – 20 lbs underweight with thin, clumpy fur and an aggressive demeanor.
We took her in and gave her good food and great love, which helped her become healthier and kinder.
But she still counter-surfed, jumped on people, and would growl or nip if startled or yelled at – especially during grooming. When she bit our son, we reached out to Helen.
We took five private lessons then the level one group lessons – and Harbor is a different dog.
She waits for her food on her “mat”, she lets me brush and trim her hair, she waits at the open door until I say her name for her to go out, and most importantly -she does not bite, or even nip anymore.
She now has self control. She is a joy!
We are so happy we took her in, and so grateful that Helen helped us to create our “Safe Harbor” 🙂

– The Colburns