Testimonial - Henry


When my husband and I rescued our dog Henry, he was severely malnourished and covered in urine burns. Although sweet, lovable and smart, Henry was scared of everything.

After a traumatic incident with another dog, Henry’s anxiety got much worse. It came to the point where he couldn’t even see another dog with out barking, growling, and lunging. He also began lunging at runners and bikers. I dreaded taking Henry for walks in fear of how he would react to other dogs and people.

I remember coming to Helen’s office last August desperate to see how I could help this dog I loved so much. Helen was able to show us things to implement with Henry and build his confidence. I could tell right away we were in good hands. Helen never treated Henry like a “bad dog” and her love for dogs was evident. It was comforting to know she was always just a phone call away.

We have been working with Helen and Paddington now for almost a year, and the changes we have seen in Henry are tremendous. There was a time when Henry couldn’t even be in the parking lot with out shaking and crying. Now he walks into training with his tail wagging! Henry recently completed a 5k along other runners and dogs. A situation Henry once would have found terrifying, was now fun and enjoyable for him.

Although Henry will probably always be a “bubble dog”, the strategies and techniques Helen taught us have improved the quality of Henry’s life. We are so thankful for Helen’s knowledge, respect, and sense of humor!