Testimonial - Jaxon

“My pup Jaxon was just under a year old when he started to develop separation anxiety.  Almost at my wits end, I decided that we both needed professional help!  Immediately, I was impressed with Helen’s knowledge & experience of working with dogs that have all types of behavioral issues.  She empowered me with the knowledge & techniques that I needed to help get Jax & I get back on track.  Her philosophy is to give you all of the tools & information you need to create a plan of action on your first meeting, just like one stop shopping!  The follow through she gives is equally amazing!  Helen would call about once a week to check on Jaxon & I.  She would review the basics, give me any additional tips & tools to implement, & gave me the reassurance that what I was doing was correct.  She always encouraged to call anytime with any questions, or concerns I was having.  Helen definitely goes well above and beyond the call of duty with her service.  Her passion & dedication to her business & the emotional well being of dogs is paramount!Thanks to Helen, Jax is on the road to recovery! I’m happy to report that his anxiety about me leaving the house has dramatically decreased!”.
– Amy and Jaxon