Testimonial - Khaleesi


“I was living with a dog and if I’m being honest, I hated her. For almost two years straight I was cleaning up pee at least once a day. If I pet her, she peed, told her to sit she peed, asked her to lay down she peed, you get the picture. Her only saving grace was that my son loved her. I was at my wits end and finally called Helen. After her positive training we have been pee free for two months, which to some may not seem like long but to us it’s a miracle! A few weeks ago I realized I harbored no ill feelings towards her anymore. I was actually enjoying and loving my dog for the first time. There was a release of stress in my house I had no idea we were all holding onto. Khaleesi is a much happier dog after the training! The only regret I have is that we did not call Helen sooner. As my husband said to me whatever you are paying her she’s worth it!”

– Kristen, Peter and Grayson