Testimonial - Koda

“Helen is not only the greatest dog trainer but she is friend for life. Our vet had recommended Helen to us when we first got our yorkie, Koda. Koda became part of our family when he was only 8 weeks old. Helen was so kind and caring to him, yet showed tough love. He had issues socializing and always hid behind his “mom” and “dad”. Helen brought her Papillion, Sweet Pea, and put her and Koda together in the play pen, and Koda soon learned that other dogs were okay. Since Koda was brought to Helen early on Koda never formed any bad habits. She educated us as pet parents. Koda’s big issue was potty training. After much trial and error we came to a solution. Koda now does potty on his pee pad. After about a year and a half Koda started regressing. Helen was right there for us, even though it had been awhile since we were in her class. The solution was to start from the beginning, and now he is faithful to his pee pad. Koda also shakes hands, gives high fives, (or fours if you’re Koda), sits, jumps, speaks, and lays down on command. Yes, yorkies are strong minded, but with the tools that Helen gave us, not untrainable. Thank you Helen.”
-Koda and Family