Testimonial - Leia

“We can’t say enough great things about Helen and her methods.  She has an uncanny ability to explain what’s likely going on with you and your dog in a clear manner.  She helped train us, without making us feel like we needed remedial education :).  After the first session with Helen, we saw a honest-to-goodness dramatic change in Leia’s behavior. We were able to make a plan of action with Helen incorporating realistic steps that we could take to better our behavior as well as Leia’s.  With hard work (on Leia’s part and definitely on ours), persistence, and the continuous support of Helen we are helping Leia to become a less anxious and more balanced dog.  One thing that certainly surprised us was how available Helen is. She was great at managing our own anxieties, and helped us to be more confident dog owners. On two different occasions, Helen even brought two of her own dogs to help us work with Leia! It was enormously helpful to be able to talk with Helen about specific situations in which we wanted to address Leia’s behavior, and then actually go to those places/be in those situations during a training session with her. Leia is making great progress, and we are so thankful to Helen.”
– Sarah, Travis and Leia