Testimonial - Lilith

“Our Newfoundland, Lilith, started classes with Helen at 14 weeks old. Though great with people, Lilith was shy and fearful around other dogs. The improvements we have seen in Lilith since then are amazing! Through puppy classes, level 1 training classes, tricks classes, and puppy socials, Helen slowly helped Lilith become the confident goof around other dogs she is today. Helen also taught us how to help Lilith overcome her sound phobia through counter-conditioning. She no longer panics during thunderstorms and fireworks, and we can now walk her down busy streets in cities without scaring her! As Lilith grew, Helen was always happy to help with the other behavior issues that she developed such as counter surfing and jumping on visitors when they came through the door. Helen’s methods of training are effective and easy. Her classes are fun and packed with useful information. We’d recommend her to any dog owner!”
 – The Phillips family