Testimonial - Locksley


“Helen has been working with our 15-month old German Shepherd Dog, Locksley, and us for almost a year. We first went to her with early puppy issues—pulling on leash, barking, and jumping. With Helen’s help we quickly made progress on all of these issues. More recently we worked with Helen again to get help with Locksley’s out-of-control excitement when seeing other dogs. Locksley recently spent a few days “boarding & training” at Helen’s; when we went to pick him up she had designed a new strategy to deal with his behavior that helped us reach a point where we can walk past other dogs with barely a reaction from Locksley. We have really enjoyed working with Helen; she always explains the rationale behind what she does and we particularly appreciate the behavioral component of her training. Also, Helen’s help doesn’t end when she leaves; she has always followed up on our meetings, checking in to see how we are doing and answering any questions we may have. Helen’s training has made Locksley a better, happier dog and us, better owners.”
-Samara, Andres and Locksley