Testimonial - Lulu


“Dear Helen,
We want to thank you so much for helping us with Lulu.  Lulu is one of 44 dogs rescued from a horrible hoarding situation in Mont Vernon, NH back in April of this year.  When we brought Lulu home, we knew little about her history other than that she was kept in a small cage with several other dogs for all 3 ½ years of her life.  With absolutely no human socialization, Lulu was an absolute “mess”.  She was considered a “dirty” dog since she didn’t know any better than to go potty where she ate, slept, and played.  We worked consistently with Lulu on housebreaking and easing her into a normal life in a home where pets are loved and cherished.  EVERYTHING was new to Lulu including: grass, vacuum cleaners, cozy beds, toys, and of all things…LOVE!  We never expected that due to her lack of human interaction, our intentions to show her how much we loved her, would scare her silly!  Overwhelmed by the new experiences, Lulu slipped through the door and ran away from home several times.  Once she stayed lost overnight in the woods where coyotes and bears are very real threats.  Another time, she ran off into a busy town center.  Each time, a miracle brought her back to us.  Thanks to your help and expertise, we were able to work together with our Vet to assimilate Lulu into a healthy environment where she now knows she is loved and cared for and happily plays with our two other dogs!!  With a lot of hard work and great tips from you, Lulu is now completely housebroken, and has some basic obedience training under her belt.  We’ve all worked so very hard and we owe it all to you!! Thank you so much for helping us make Lulu a loving “normal” dog.  She’s really come out of her shell and we love her  to pieces!!”
– Kelly, Adam, Lulu, Harley, and Monty