Testimonial - Maxie

“Hi Helen,
We just wanted to let you know that your ‘Puppy Social’ on Sunday mornings has been a real breakthrough for our English Mastiff puppy, Moxie!  We were surprised to find that she was really shy and timid around other puppies, but after just her first social, we saw an amazing improvement with her confidence and comfort level.  After exposure to an array of puppies over the past few weeks at the socials, we have seen the positive changes that allow her to confidently interact, learn, socialize and play with other puppies and older dogs as well.
     We were impressed with the way you supervise and conduct the process, by negating the possiblity of something getting out of hand.  You are extremely knowledgeable and are able to pick up and explain the situations the puppies were experiencing and helped us to understand their behaviors a lot more.
     Another nice benefit to this social is that after all the running around Moxie does with the other puppies, she sleeps on and off for the rest of the day – that ‘puppy pass’ is worth its weight in gold!  We highly recommend your ‘puppy social’ classes for any type of puppy, large or small, timid or bold, or especially for the ones that need to work off some excess puppy energy.  Thank you so much for your help with Moxie.  We’ll be back for more training!”
– Chris, Mike & MOXIE