Testimonial - Maybe

“Dear Helen,
Colin and I are truly grateful to you. We feel incredibly lucky to have found you and No Monkey Business Dog Training.
Our dog Maybe is much easier and more pleasant to live with on a daily basis than if we had not learned from you how to work with her and what we can expect of her.
Here’s what I have told others about you: Helen’s classes are great! They are fun, upbeat, informative, and effective. Helen has an incredible knowledge of and experience with dogs, with dog development, training, and behavior. She’s also really fun and funny! Classes are really engaging and full of useful and practical information. And what I appreciate almost most of all is that Helen is extremely respectful of dogs in general and of each dog in her class; she is equally respectful of the people in her classes. My husband and I have recommended Helen to all our friends who own dogs.
Helen, I am quite confident we will be back with Maybe sometime soon. Thanks again for the great work you do and for the zest with which you do it.”
-Toni, Colin, Bronwen, and Maybe