Testimonial - Mica

Just wanted to thank you for such a great seminar on sound phobias!  After years of watching our border collie struggle with thunder and fireworks phobia (as well as other noises!) it was so good to get solid, practical tips on how to help modify his behavior in a positive way. We thought we had exhausted all possible ways to help with his fear, but you taught me something new that made sense. Little did I know, that the next day after the seminar, I would put those skills to use with Mica!  I was amazed at how quickly he responded to the methods and just how easy it was.  He was much more confident, after working through the steps you showed us at the seminar and I did not need to use his anti-anxiety medication to help calm him down!!  That’s an incredible accomplishment and I couldn’t be happier.  I’m so grateful for your help and your follow-up emails to see how we’re doing. I can’t recommend the seminar enough. In a short two hours, I feel like we finally have a way to help our dog! Thanks again!”
– Grace and Mica