Testimonial - Nikki & Sammy


“Hello Helen; This is a note of appreciation for your help in training my two female Siberian Huskies, Nikki and Sammy.  They both arrived at my home on the same day Nikki 3, Sammy 1, and both totally untrained. Your coaching on the quickest method to get them to behave on a leash was great.  After only weeks of repeated practice, they both no longer lunged, pulled, or tugged on the leash; making walks much more enjoyable; and they behaved just as well on the leash for our 3 mile runs. After six months or so, Nikki started displaying some aggression towards other dogs. I never knew how she would act around other dogs in public places like in town or at the beach.  As you pointed out, my aggressive response of yanking her back, was just making it worse.  Your method really surprised me, and worked perfectly.  I was very happy when Nikki passed your doggie day care test and now loves to play with other dogs. Lastly, after only a year and a half with the dogs, your training techniques brought the biggest surprise.  I always thought Northern breeds are supposed to be independent, runners, and never to be let off leash.  But by following your direction on bonding and the simple system for the “come” command, I now never use a leash on my two acre property. I’m amazed at how well they respond, and how loyal and obedient they have become. I don’t know what the next training opportunity will be; but I’ll be sure to call you.Thanks for your great work,
– John, Nikki, and Sammy