Testimonial - Saga

“Happy Birthday, Saga!
Saga, my one year old miniature poodle, is the first dog I’ve ever owned.  I needed a hobby and thought raising a dog would be the perfect way to keep me busy and involved as I eased into retirement. I knew right off that I needed a good trainer – for me as well as the dog.  After all, as a new dog owner, I knew nothing about training dogs. I did know I wanted my dog to be a polite and well mannered canine. Helen’s small dog class sounded just right for my little pup.Saga started his training when he was about 14 weeks old, and he’s been going ever since. The minute he gets out of the car, his tail is up and wagging, ready for class !   We started out with the small dog class.  We had so much fun we moved on to Level 2 classes, and have just started Level 3 classes.  Through it all Helen has been a terrific mentor and trainer.  She not only covered the basics (sit, down, stay, etc.), but she also gave great hints for rainy/snowy day activities that would help keep Saga stimulated. Each class ended with Helen addressing any problems that we had. Her responses were always thoughtful, clear, specific and doable. Helen was there with great hints for managing a two week visit from our two year old granddaughter.  Because of her help and suggestions, puppy and baby did just fine together.  When Saga wouldn’t go through a door readily, she explained that he was sensitive to body language and space.  A quick change in where I stood, and problem solved !Having Helen in my corner during this first year of dog ownership and training has been invaluable.  Because of her wisdom, insight, and skills, Saga is, indeed, having a Happy Birthday!”
– Julia and Saga