Testimonial - Thika


“I called Helen several weeks after I got my two month old Belgian Tervuren puppy, Thika. I had a lot of questions and wanted to avoid problems I’d experienced with my previous dog. Helen pointed out normal puppy behavior that Thika would outgrow and areas I needed to address while she was still young. Thika was shy with strangers, so Helen suggested activities to help overcome this. Helen also recommended puppy play group and dog day care to socialize Thika with other dogs.¬† At seven months, Thika is happy, friendly, confident, much better with strangers and good other dogs. She has her moments so it is reassuring to know Helen is there to help, if needed.
Working with Helen  Рher patience, knowledge and positive training methods Рhas made a big difference in Thika, for which I am grateful.
Equally important, Thika adores her.”
-Nancy and Thika