The Hopeful Heart Program

hopeful-heartNMBDT believes that homeless dogs need all the help they can get. That’s why I am working with the Concord-Merrimack County SPCA and donating a space in one of my level 1 or puppy classes for a dog to come have fun, learn and live a little. The skills he learns will help make him more adoptable and make life a little brighter until his forever home is found. Any help that you can give to the Dazzle and Buster fund will go towards training, treats and supplies that the dog needs while going through the class but donations are NOT required to keep the program going. Every dog deserves a chance to shine, whether they have a home, or are still waiting for their human to find them.

Below are some pictures of dogs that are in or have been in the Hopeful Heart Program. They may have already been adopted, or are still awaiting a forever home. If you are interested in adopting a dog, visit the Concord-Merrimack County SPCA for details on the adoption process and to see a list of pets ready for their forever homes.

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