Private Consultations

No Monkey Business Dog Training specializes in doing one on one dog behavior consultations. We offer private in-home consultations, private behavior modification training at our facility, or will meet wherever your dog’s behavior occurs the most frequently.

If your dog has a behavior problem that requires a more in-depth evaluation and modification plan, a private behavior consultation may be necessary instead of a class. Not only will there be limited distractions, the trainer is able to see the behavior as it occurs! You will have the full attention of the trainer and the session is totally dedicated to only you and your dog.

Every consultation is scheduled around your needs and lifestyle to make sure you get the most from the session. Weekends and evenings are always available!

Most consultations (unless in the home) are 30 minutes long. This ensures that we don’t overwhelm you – or more importantly – your dog with too much information and it allows for easier scheduling and follow ups. Should you need more time, we are happy to accommodate!

Helen St. Pierre has extensive experience and expertise in behavior modification of serious behavior problems including aggression. Your behavior consultation will be customized to your dog and his/her specific problems. Your training plan will be totally unique to you and your dog. No two consultations are alike!

How do you know if you need a one on one consultation? If your dog displays one or more of the behaviors listed below, you and your dog could benefit enormously from a private session. Call us today to find out whether a class or private behavior consultation would be best for your dog!

If you do not see your dogs problem on this list, it does not mean we cannot help you! Please contact us to discuss in detail what behaviors your dog is displaying and we will schedule a consultation as necessary.


There are no extra fees for multiple dogs, and every consult includes written notes and/or handouts specific to your case, as well as email and phone call follow-up support. It is reccomended to schedule multiple consultations to ensure you and your dog are doing well and usually these are needed for more complex cases. Packages are available for multiple consultations. They are scheduled around you and your availability! Please contact us for more details and to discuss your needs

There are no extra fees for multiple dogs.

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