Service Dog Program


Helen St Pierre brings a program to those looking to train their dog to become a service dog.

This intensive program lasts at least year long and requires commitment from the handler and team. It involves private training to work on teaching you and your dog how to perform the duties needed to be a service dog as well as behave properly in any situation. The final step is evaluating, testing and passing the dog for the public access test.

Every dog and handler team must be evaluated prior to entering the program. If you are interested in applying for this program and scheduling an evaluation please read these following requirements first.

  • Your dog must be at least 8 months of age
  • Your dog must have completed at least one basic level class
  • Your dog may not have any reactivity or aggression towards people, children or other dogs
  • Your dog may not have extreme fear or stress in public situations

If you are ready to get started, please feel free to fill out the contact us form below and we will schedule your evaluation as well as give you more details on the program.

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